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    How My Legal Briefcase Makes Starting a Small Claim Action Easy
    Posted: 2010-08-31 08:30:37

    In Part 1, we described the process of starting a Small Claims action. This time we’ll compare the Ministry of the Attorney General’s online legal form assistant with My Legal Briefcase.

    Once you have decided to start the Small Claims process, be careful not to rush into completing Form 7A and serving it to the defendant. What you include on the form, and how clear and detailed it is, will determine the success of your claim.

    One drawback of completing the form by hand is making simple, yet easily overlooked mistakes. A common mistake is getting the name of the Defendant wrong, especially if the Defendant is a corporation – they may do business under one name, or an abbreviation, and are actually registered under another name.  If and when you get a judgment you will not be able to enforce it.

    Ontario offers an online form completion assistance, which guides you through the process of completing Form 7A. There is also a document preparation service, My Legal Briefcase, that can help you avoid simple mistakes, and get the crucial details on the form, clearly and concisely.

    How We Are Similar

    My Legal Briefcase and the online legal form assistant are similar is a number of ways:

    • Both are online services that walk you through the form completion process.

    • Both services ask you questions and populates the Plaintiff’s Claim, Form 7A, based on your answers.

    • Both services aim to simplify the process of starting a Small Claims action.

    How My Legal Briefcase Is Different

    My Legal Briefcase offers several advantages over the online assistant, including one key difference:

    On page two of Form 7A, where you are asked to provide details of the event, the amount of damages claimed, and the reasons for your claim, the online assistant provides little guidance.

    My Legal Briefcase, on the other hand, will guide you through the explanation process. You will answer a series of questions based on common categories of Small Claims Court cases. Most of the legal claims you file in Small Claims Court are covered by our software.  Your answers are analyzed by our software to produce a “Statement of Claim”, which looks like a formal document, and, depending on the package you buy, will also be reviewed by a legal agent.

    It cannot be stressed enough that a clear and detailed “Statement of Claim” is perhaps the most important document prepared for Small Claims court. Judges prefer relevant, clear, well written documents that get straight to the point. Confusing, irrelevant details will likely result in delays in your case or, worse, be used against you.

    A document preparation service can help you avoid frustration and grief by getting your Small Claim action started the right way. If you are interested in learning more about the services offered by My Legal Briefcase, check out our check out our homepage.

    Although My Legal Briefcase takes every reasonable effort to ensure that the information on our website and documents are up-to-date and legally sufficient, My Legal Briefcase is not a law firm, and the employees of My Legal Briefcase are not acting as your attorney.

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