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  • My Legal Briefcase Releases iPhone App
    Posted: 2011-03-23 05:30:43

    Cutting Edge Software – Finally, a Forward-Thinking Step Towards Making Legal Assistance Easy and Affordable.

    My Legal Briefcase is proud to introduce The My Legal Briefcase App for iPhone, with Blackberry and Android applications in development.  The app is Small Claims Simplified, enabling you to take your Legal Briefcase wherever you go, without the hassle and weight of cumbersome papers and books.  With My Legal Briefcase, you can access the rules of Small Claims Court, as well as your filing and serving checklist, even while you are at court.

    With legal costs out of reach and self-representation on the rise, often at the cost of effectiveness and positive results, My Legal Briefcase has stepped up to provide those in need with an uncomplicated and cost effective alternative solution.  Our web-service is unlike any other in the legal field, and is dedicated to providing innovative solutions and superior service.  And no signup or login is required.

    The new app gets you access to the help you need, with all Small Claims Rules for Ontario and British Columbia, and fully searchable features, handy checklists, step-by-step instructions on how to proceed with your claim, and more. understands the stress of a lawsuit and the confusion often associated with the legal system….. and they’ve done something about it, with straightforward information, all in the form of a handy little app.

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