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    Why tech innovation comes slow in legal profession - Blog
    Posted: 2011-06-30 06:41:59

    I published on the blog a post about the first-ever incarnation of lawTechcamp, recently held at the University of Toronto.

    Below is an excerpt from it:

    "Bridging the legal and technological professions is tough.  “Lawyers aren’t naturally good at building websites or computer programming or stuff like that,” writes Michael Carabash on his blog at Dynamic Lawyers, “They come from arts programs (there are only a few with engineering backgrounds).  We take courses like history, political science, and philosophy.  We know how to analyze, research, and write.  But ask us to build a website or a computer program, and most of us will be lost."

    Michael is touching upon what is probably the single biggest reason why law lags behind other professions when it comes to embracing technology.  There are very few lawyers who can think in both spaces. If you do decide to venture down the startup route, the challenge will be pairing up with the right technology partner who can help you bridge that gap between the two professions.  I suspect we will see more lawyers trying to create technological solutions to legal problems, especially in light of the success of LegalZoom, an American non-lawyer legal document website."

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