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    Google and Me
    Posted: 2011-07-25 06:30:39

    Your online reputation can be a challenge to manage, but when you add the power of Google - being one of the biggest search engines - you get Me on the Web. Me on the Web is a tool created by Google with the sole purpose of managing your online reputation.

    To make use of this tool you first need a Gmail account. Now you can set up and learn about Google’s Me on the Web application. First go to your Google Dashboard.

    Click Create a Google Profile and fill out whatever information you want. After that is complete you can connect blogs and Picasa albums, Facebook and Linkedin to your Google Profile.

    Now you can begin to manage your online reputation with the help of Google. First you can Google your own name and see what comes up. If there is something that appears that you do not want connected to you, then you must determine whether or not that information is under your control or someone else’s. If you can control it, then the visibility and privacy settings can be easily changed. For example, make a Facebook album only visible to you and your friends.

    If the unwanted information happens to be on a website you cannot control then you must take other steps. Google lists several different ways to remove undesired pages from the Web, depending on the type of content, ownership of the page and severity of the circumstances surrounding the need for that information to not be found by Google searches.

    Lastly, it is important to simply avoid putting personal information on the Internet. Different social networking websites have different privacy settings, so you should review those before divulging information. Also, Google may be one of the biggest search engines, but it does not control all websites, so if something is removed from a Google search, it does not necessarily mean that it is gone from the Internet.

    If your private information, such as your social insurance number, bank account number, credit card number, etc., is on the Web, you should take action immediately to remove this. The highly personal nature of this information means it should not be appearing anywhere on the Web. So, Google will take action even if the site where the information appears is not cooperating or responding to you.

    Window from GoogleOn to the monitoring of your online image. Google’s Me on the Web feature, which is located on your Google dashboard, searches and monitors information about you online. It will alert you when information appears. This can be set up by clicking “Set up search alerts for your data” on the Dashboard in the Me on the Web section. A box will appear in which you can list whatever information you want Google to notify you about appearing on the Web. Things like your name, email address, and other personal information can be put here and Google will let you know as soon as it appears and then you can determine what to do about it.

    Finally, another great way to maintain a good reputation online is to ensure a substantial amount of positive information about you is on the Web. Interesting blogs, cool pictures, work related things you have done - all these things can create a unique, interesting, positive image of you.

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