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    10 Leaders in Legal Education Reform -
    Posted: 2011-08-05 05:58:29

    Online Colleges recently wrote about ten leaders in legal education reform in the United States. People mentioned include: Senator Barbara Boxer, who is pushing for law schools to report their admissions and post-graduation statistics more honestly; Bryan Garner, who seeks to ensure that future lawyers can write well, through intensifying written coursework; and George Leef, advocating that anyone, not just those who have completed law school, should be allowed to write the bar exam.

    The problems that these people are addressing in the United States also exist in Canada. Students pay up to $70,000 in tuition for three years of law school - do the jobs available upon graduation justify such a big investment? Does the law-school education create well-rounded lawyers ready for the world, or does it create graduates with limited individuality and self-esteem? The Canadian legal education community might want to take note of the innovators south of the border.

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